Supplies for School

New beginnings. New clothes, new schools (maybe), new teachers, new school supplies. We scramble around these last few days of summer making sure our kids are well prepared for school. The day of, we make sure the hair is combed, teeth are brushed and the kids are on time. This, often, becomes second nature for us. We send them off with the knowledge that they will have the best opportunity to learn given we have purchased the supplies they need to succeed.

Sounds easy enough -but have we really prepared them to thrive? Have we provided them with the emotional encouragement to persevere, the confidence to know they can, the willingness to co-operate, the attitude of respect, and, finally, the spirit to accept themselves for who they are – and the kind of student they are capable of being? How can we know if we’ve accomplished these things?

We can tell if they will be motivated to learn if we’ve taught them to be self-motivated. Giving them enough time in the morning to prepare for the day means they’ve gotten enough sleep. Having them get their clothes ready from the night before gives them more time to eat a good breakfast. At the very least we owe it to our kids to send them to their teachers on time and prepared to learn.

You’ve heard the expression “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” and, as it applies to kids, it becomes our responsibility to create the thirst. We do this by opening up their minds at home. We ask curious questions. We help them find answers to their curious questions. We give them choices. We role model. We include them in on family decisions. We do these things and more so that when they are in school and out of their comfort zone it becomes second nature for them to choose to drink from the trough therby quenching their own thirsts.

These, too, are school supplies. Hugs!


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