Parents are the cornerstone for raising and developing a child. How we raise our children is how we develop their world.” – Becky Kapsalis

Hugs from Yia Yia’s services begin with reinforcing the innate trust that you and your child have for one another. Nurturing that trust is the remarkable journey to your parenting success and your child’s emotional success.

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Coach Becky Kapsalis


parentstylesimageParent Gathering Social


 Welcome to the table.  Invite friends and family to a ninety-minute ‘sit around a table’ parent group, We are all unique in what we bring to the table, but we are brought together for a common purpose – to give our kids a good shot at growing up to be emotionally healthy.  When we share our values and listen to each other express our concerns in a non-threatening, non-competitive environment, our kids become the beneficiaries.  The Hugs from Yiayia gathering, facilitated by ACPI Certified Parent/Child Liaison Coach, and parent advocate, Becky Kapsalis is a values based class. Sessions will include worksheets for discussions focusing on age appropriate individual concerns of today, plus any you might have that are not in the top ten. Your house or hers. You provide the names of potential attendees; She will send out the invitation. To get started  Sign up for Hugs From Yiayia monthly newsletter and leave your contact information for further details.

 Minimum of 6- Maximum of 12 attendees.

Private Training Session – 1 Parent

This 6-session (90 minutes per session) “Emotional Success + Values-Based Parenting System” is designed to improve your connection to your child(ren) while also empowering him/her to manage their emotional intelligence (E.Q). – an endeavor equal to, if not more significant, than managing their academic I.Q.

 You will learn the techniques necessary to:


  • Respond to the five emotional needs your child would like you to understand.
  • Recognize the four emotional goals driving their behavior.
  • Listen to the emotional ‘PLEAS’ your child asks of  you.

Parent Talk System

Each of six sessions is a 90-minute weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly session complete with take-home workbooks and customized handouts.  These courses are provided through The Parent Talk System and facilitated by Coach Becky.  A Certificate of Completion is given at the end of the course.

These courses are designed to help you:

  • Learn ‘Respons-able Parenting’.
  • Encourage problem solving.
  • Promote independence.
  • Explore the power of the words you use with your child(ren).
  • Discover your parenting inheritances.
  • Learn communication skills.


Phone-In Sessions With Yia Yia – All New!

Now you can get the parent coaching you need without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Calling all in-state and out-of-state clients!  Coach Becky Kapsalis (Yia Yia) has branched out to offer her services via phone and internet connection.  After a FREE 30-minute discovery meeting to determine your parenting needs, Coach Becky will set up a day & time for your 90-minute phone sessions that fit your schedule. Hugs from Yia Yia pays for the calls.

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Large Group Presentation

Parent Coach Becky Kapsalis (Yia Yia) will present a 90-minute “Parent Effectiveness and Child Accountability” seminar to your company, church, school, club or other large groups.

Coach Becky will cover topics such as:

  • Trust Yourself-Trust Your Child
  • Working through Transitions (Divorce, Relocations, Blended Families, New Friends, New Siblings)
  • Plea’s from a child to a parent
  • Plea’s from a student to a teacher
  • Consequences vs. Punishment vs. Discipline
  • Communicate without Coercion/Word Processing
  • Delayed Gratification vs. Instant Satisfaction
  • Value-Driven Behavior