Plea[se] see that I graduate.

Plea[se] see that I graduate.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Most of the time when I say want to quit school it’s because I’m not having any success with learning and I’m not getting along with the other students. I might come up with a lot of different reasons – I hate school; my teacher doesn’t like me; nobody cares; I can’t learn; I don’t belong here; I can’t bring up my grades, etc.etc.


I know from experience that if I’m not good at something, I tend to not want to try. For example, I’m not a good bowler so I stay away from it. I know it should be a motivator for me to try harder, but that’s easier said than done.   It can become a vicious cycle.

I really need you and my teachers to help me find something I’m good at in school. If I like what I’m learning, I’ll have success. If I have success, I’ll raise my self-confidence. If I raise my self-confidence, I’ll feel better about myself. If I feel better about myself, I’ll want to graduate and, finally, when I graduate from school, I will thank you for the rest of my life




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