How well do you know your child?

  1. What is your child’s nickname in school?
  2. What embarrasses your child the most?


These are just two of the 16 questions addressed by the Canadian Child Care Federation in a study to determine how well you know your child. The study suggests that no matter how much time you spend with your children, there are many important aspects of their lives you may not know….There are no points for correct answers and there are no demerits for not knowing. Finding the answers provides a win-win scenario in establishing a thought-filled conversation, advancing your parent/child relationship.

More than one child in your family? Each child gets their own quiz from you.

3. Who is your child’s best friend?

4. Who is your child’s hero?

5. What is your child’s biggest complaint about the family?

6. What accomplishment is your child proudest of?

7. What was the biggest disappointment in your child’s life this past year?

8. Would your child’s first choice for a vacation be a camping trip, a visit to a big city or a boat trip?

9. What is your child’s most prized possession?

10.Does your child feel liked by children at school?

11. Does your child feel too small or too big for their age?

12. What person outside the family has most influenced your child’s life?

13. What would your child like to be as a grown-up?

14. Does your child prefer to do homework after school, after supper, or in the morning before school?

15. What gift from you has your child cherished most?

16. What is your child’s greatest appreciation of the family?

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