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Thank You For Your Service!


 “U”S.A. begins with “U”

Thank you for your soldiering

And your courage to serve.

Thank you for your ‘Pledge of Allegiance”

To the country you preserve.

Thank you for your patriotism

Honoring God, Country and Family.

Thank You for helping to keep us free,

As you follow your journey with dignity.

Thank you for being an American

Fighting for freedom and taking a stand.

U.S.A. begins with U.S., too!

But the guts and glory belong to “U”


By: Becky Kapsalis

Plea[se] see that I graduate.

Plea[se] see that I graduate.

Dear Mom and Dad, Most of the time when I say want to quit school it’s because I’m not having any success with learning and I’m not getting along with the other students. I might come up with a lot of different reasons – I hate school; my teacher doesn’t like me; nobody cares; I… Continue Reading

How well do you know your child?

What is your child’s nickname in school? What embarrasses your child the most?   These are just two of the 16 questions addressed by the Canadian Child Care Federation in a study to determine how well you know your child. The study suggests that no matter how much time you spend with your children, there… Continue Reading

Question: Are Children born naturally defiant?

If I had an answer to that question I’d, first, have to ask myself if I was born naturally defiant.  I don’t believe so.  As a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother,I can say, over the years, I’ve had plenty of defiant moments. Was I born that way? Some words synonymous with defiant are ‘disobedient, insolent,… Continue Reading

Supplies for School

New beginnings. New clothes, new schools (maybe), new teachers, new school supplies. We scramble around these last few days of summer making sure our kids are well prepared for school. The day of, we make sure the hair is combed, teeth are brushed and the kids are on time. This, often, becomes second nature for… Continue Reading

Emotional Abuse

It pains me to write about child abuse but if my article will save one child from the trauma of emotional abuse, it will have been worth it.  All abuses are ugly whether they are physical or emotional.  Unfortunately, we can’t see the scars of emotional abuse as readily as we see the scars from… Continue Reading

Children Who Live With Patience…

Children who live with patience – defined as the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties – learn to endure waiting, delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset and to preserver calmly when faced with difficulties. I’ll bet you didn’t realize you’re children were… Continue Reading


“Your imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein Imagine your child at age 21 as a kind & decent person, a person choosing to conform to accepted standards of moral behavior as an adult and future parent. Imagine establishing a parent plan early on as an opportunity to see a preview of… Continue Reading