Twenty (20) Ways to advance your Parent-Child Relationship.

Twenty (20) Ways to advance your Parent-Child Relationship.

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Experts agree that the best way for parents to improve a child’s behavior is to begin to change their own. Insisting that the child is wrong thus expecting the child to make all the change is a sure-fire way to create a disconnection and a power struggle. The ultimate goal of the parent and child is to build and maintain a lasting connection.

The following strategies and techniques that can help maintain a healthy relationship between parent and child, and mindset changes that will improve the behavior of our kids are:   Continue Reading

Dear Parent: Know Your Emotional Self

  Michael Mendizza’s book, “Magical Parent-Magical Child,“ states:“There is a direct, unmediated neuro-connection, a direct pipeline, between the heart and the brain.  The brain informs the heart of its general emotional state and the heart encourages the brain to make an intelligent response.” As adults, it is vital to explore and know our emotional self. Whether or not… Continue Reading

A Child’s Temperament

According to research done by the American Academy of Pediatrics (Caring for your School-Age Child: ages 5 – 12) temperament, for the most part, is an innate quality of the child, consistent into adulthood. According to studies by Thomas and Chase there are, at least, nine major characteristics that make up temperament. Do you recognize… Continue Reading

May The Spirit Be With You

Spirituality is universal and lives within each of our heart. Religions are territorial. I’ve come to realize that religion is our teacher; how we live out our religion is our spirituality. One definition of religion is to become a believer or join a religious organization, and, usually, start to lead a life that follows its… Continue Reading

Values Are Taught

I’m the youngest of 8 children born to immigrant parents. We lived in a four room apartment complex in Chicago, Illinois; the apartment I was born in. Growing up in my family was not about how little or how much we had. It was about what we were taught to value. We devoted our lives… Continue Reading